Private Session Deal For New Clients

Private Session Deal For New Clients

Do you want MORE?


Does pain limit you from doing the things that you like to do? Do you wonder if you could compete in your sport at a higher level? Does your job have you in body positions that hurt? Do you want to explore your yoga practice to ensure that it is safe and healing for your body?


These sessions are a great way to do all of these things. This is a commitment of 5 sessions tailored to you and your own individual goals. We will start the hour with goal setting and then move to breath and movement exercises tailored to you and with your goal in mind. You will leave feeling energized and enlightened about the nuances of movement patterns that have held you back and how to change them. Let Jessy's creativity and experience guide you to become the best version of yourself


These sessions can benefit anyone! Whether you have a major illness or injury and are off work or simply a few cranky places in your body and function as an athlete. We can all benefit from improving our movement and decreasing discomfort


Contact Jessy for more info before you book, or purchase and she will be in touch to book  your first session. *Note: Very few evening appointments available*


“Often pain manifests itself in an area of the body like a sore knee, a stiff hip or chronic back pain, and yet, this is not the source of the problem it is merely the expression of the problem. The real problem is usually found in another area of the body, which is why general exercise, strength training, stretching or even core work may not be giving you the relief you are needing.” — Susi Hatley


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