About Bala

Bala Studio is located at 35 Dekker Street in the quiet town of Everett, Ontario. Parking is available in the driveway. The door, located at the side of the house, will be open at least 15 minutes before class. There is a washroom with ample room to change and all mats and yoga props are available to use if you don’t have your own. 

The word Bala is a Sanskrit word. It is defined as the state of being strong mentally or physically. The word Bala represents what we are all striving for. Strength in the body to keep us healthy and strength in the mind to keep us resilient and able to overcome obstacles with clarity


Jessy Thomas

Jessy has found incredible mental and physical growth in fitness and the practice of yoga and is passionate about sharing this with students. She started taking general Hatha yoga classes with her mom at a young age and has developed a great love of Iyengar, Asthanga, Bikram and Yin styles especially. You will benefit from her over 15 years of personal training and yoga teaching experience with yoga postures and fitness exercises tailored to you and your goals. Jessy’s compassion, creativity and attention to detail keeps students engaged in a fun and safe way.

Jessy has evolved through the fitness industry of personal training, teaching TRX and spin and older adult specialty and recently studied with Susi Hatley's yoga therapy program. Jessy has worked with people to prepare or recover from surgeries and injuries. She's got a keen eye for body mechanics and movement and can help any athlete to clean up their body's movement inefficiencies and move with greater ease and better performance.

Jessy loves a challenge and brings all of her skills together for working one on one with people to help them gain strength, understanding of their bodies and better health. Whatever your goal, she will motivate you to get there