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Bala is now online

Virtual and Pre-recorded Classes...2 Ways to practice with Jessy

Turning our yoga studio in Everett into a yoga studio wherever you are! I've done my best to recreate our class atmosphere with live classes on zoom. I truly believe we've got the next best thing with virtual classes. You've got accountability with a set time to log on for class. You get Jessy's eyes on you (if you choose to share your screen) to help you with poses that are right for your body and you get a few minutes to chat with other students before and after class. On top of that, if you fall asleep in savasana, you don't have to get up! Isn't that is the best of both worlds? 

Hatha Class

Pat, Student

Jessy is so encouraging - even though I cannot often get to the full range of motion, I feel positive and comfortable as she guides us through the stages

Rose, Student

I have been pleasantly surprised. Its every bit as good as in-person classes. In fact, in some ways it's better

Hil, Student

Practicing yoga with you has been one of the highlights of my time home

Want To Do Your Yoga On Your Own Schedule?

If you are a self-motivated type and want to be able to follow Jessy through a video, when it suits your schedule, then the all-access online membership is for you. 

Yoga classes of all style and anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour live on the website for you to enjoy at your pace.

There's strength classes in a yoga style and flow classes to energize you, help you build strength and stamina. There's relax & stretch classes and therapeutic movement classes to help you reduce stress, relieve pain and move better. There's meditations and breath practices of all types and tutorials to walk you through starting a yoga practice and to learn how to progress your practice.

New content is uploaded regularly to keep you inspired. What are you waiting for?

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