Covid-19 Protocols and FAQ

  • How do I screen before you come to class?

    Every time you come to the studio, you'll need to fill in a screening form. You can get the form here

  • Mask Display

    What about masks?

    Wear a mask when you come to class. Once you are settled on your mat and in your space, you can take your mask off. Private sessions are all arranged on a case by case basis, so you're completely in control

  • What About Props?

    Yes! Mats, blocks, straps and balls will all be available for class. They will be sanitized after each use. No blankets, bolsters or eye pillows at this time though

  • What if I need the washroom?

    No problem. There is a stack of clean hand towels and a hamper for used, so everyone gets a fresh towel. There is a spray sanitizer by the washroom door for you to wipe down the touch surfaces after you're done so that its ready for the next student

  • Cleaning the Counter

    What about cleaning?

    The entire studio will be wiped clean with a medical grade cleaner before  and after class or private session.  

  • How will we social distance?

    When you arrive, place your mat on one of the orange circles to mark your spot. These are placed a generous 2m apart. No games or partner work for now

  • What if Jessy is exposed?

    Should I become exposed to covid. I promise that I will get tested right away. I will cancel all upcoming classes and private sessions and isolate until I have a negative result

Couple Walking Down Stairs

What if I have to travel?

We request that you either take a 14 day break from yoga or get tested and return to class once you have a negative result

What if someone gets covid or if I get exposed?

Speed of contact tracing is the key. If you are exposed to covid, please let me know ASAP. I will drop whatever I am doing and let anyone who you may have come in contact with know anonymously that they need to get tested. I will get tested myself and I will do a thorough deep clean of the studio.  

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