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Make the most of this moment

I struggled a lot this summer to be productive in a traditional sense. I had a lot of bookkeeping and planning projects that I just didn’t make time for at all. I wrote no blogs and only maintained what I had to. Instead, I went to the ROM, Canada’s Wonderland, played with my nephews and friends a lot. I did have a ton of fun, socialized lots and met my fitness goals of 5 times weekly yoga and 3 times weekly workouts

My natural tendency to drive, achieve and be perfect had my inner dialogue pretty hard on me by the end of summer as I sat down to get s$!t done. I went back to my mentor, tail between my legs, to confess that I was a slacker. What he said changed me instantly. He suggested that if I don't like to do that work in the summer, then why do I set myself up to fail at it. Instead, if I have a finish date for project planning and allow myself the freedom to enjoy some of our short summer doing other things that I find nourishing that I will be much happier and productive and can pick up my 'work' again. Hmm. Seems simple and reminds me that seeing the heart of a blue whale, dancing with my friends at the cottage and having a nephew who calls me his best friend are completely worthwhile experiences that I would rather savour, instead of feeling guilty about. Now I'm back in full planning mode as the days are shorter and cooler. I'm loving the dreams and projects I'm working on and it really doesn't feel like work. I feel happy knowing that I can give myself some freedom to work as the natural ebb and flow of work come to me. Forcing anything really doesn't have good results does it!

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