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When the student becomes the master

A few years ago, on a mentoring call with one of my teachers, I was asked about a training program I had gone to the previous week and I answered that I was disappointed in it. The depth of the subject wasn't enough and I already knew more than the instructor did.

My mentor said that maybe it's time for me to transition from student to master.

I had a bit of a breakdown, which is rare for me and I didn't even know why at the time.

A year later, what he said was still in my head and I knew it was because it was true.

I started to mentor other yoga teachers and lead workshops geared towards long-time, devoted yoga practitioners and teachers....and I've LOVED every minute of it.

Don't get me wrong, I love to teach yoga to beginners, but there's something extra special for me when a long-time yoga practitioner or teacher tells me that they've never heard anyone cue something that way and it helped them to do a new pose or that my class inspired someone in their own yoga teaching.

I'm ready to step into the yoga educator space.

I've been quietly working away at building programs geared towards yoga teachers and people deeply interested in movement and yoga methodology, anatomy and the beautiful variances in individual humans.

First up, I have created a separate email list for anyone who is interested in taking a deeper dive into these topics. If you would like to be in the loop, I'd love it if you subscribed to my yoga school emails.

I won't send a ton out. Kind of like my blog, when I'm inspired on a movement topic, I'll send it out.

If you're interested in yoga discussions on a deeper level, I'd love it if you subscribed.

Have a beautiful day my fellow body nerds.

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